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Urban and Rural, Regional Planning

Regional urban and rural development 03

Course introduction
City is the product of urban production and development and the second division of labor.The level of urbanization in China depends on the level of grain.Population, resources and environment are important factors in the process of urbanization.At the same time, we should pay attention to the quality of urbanization. People's life in the city is not just a bed, and more people need to benefit from it.How to better handle urban-rural relations, how to avoid falling into the middle-income trap, how to actively and prudently promote urbanization, focus on improving the quality of urbanization, we need to explore a path of urbanization with Chinese characteristics.
About instructor

Peng Zhenwei

Peng Zhenwei: Professor and doctoral supervisor of school of architecture and urban planning, Tongji university, currently secretary of the party committee of school of architecture and urban planning, Tongji university.Winner of special government allowance from the state council.Of the ministry of higher education between urban and rural planning committee, director of the professional assessment committee, chairman of the international residential engineering and design (2013-2014), executive director of the urban planning society of China, the urban planning society of China small town planning committee, director of the academic committee, vice President of academy of sciences in Shanghai, "the journal of city planning magazine editors and so on.Main research direction for urban and regional development, urban planning and design, the development of urbanization, small towns planning, village planning, etc., and presided over by the national high technology research and development program (863 program), national science and technology support plan project, national natural science foundation of national major research topic, won several national and provincial scientific and technological achievement award, the ministry of education, teaching achievement prizes at the national and provincial outstanding design awards, such as urban planning published dozens of academic papers.

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