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Intelligent Urbanisation, Intelligent City

Intelligent Urbanisation Vs Labour Urbanisation 01

Course introduction
How to embark on a sustainable development path different from traditional urbanization in the next 30 years is a difficult problem facing the people of the world.After sorting out the urbanization development track of 252 countries and regions in 10 years, Prof.Wu selected G20 countries to be divided into 5 groups for comparative analysis, and together explored the urbanization development level of countries after the urbanization rate reached 50% and the labor productivity relationship of a country (region) in the urbanization development process.Wu said urbanization is bound to be completed, but urbanization is divided into two roads, and at present, urbanization is coming.

About instructor

Wu Zhiqiang

Prof. WU Zhiqiang is Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician of German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), Academician of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science and Honorary Fellow of American Institute of Architects (Hon. FAIA). Prof. WU serves as Vice President of TONGJI University, Co-Chair of International Steering Committee of World Planning School Congress, Permanent Member of UNESCO-UIA (International Union of Architects) , Member of Advisory Committee - Creative Economy-United Nations Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, UNDP, National Master of Engineering Survey and Design. As Vice President of Urban Planning Society of China, Vice President of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency, Vice President of China Green Building Council, Prof. WU is the most influential academic figure in the field of urbanization study and urban planning. Prof. Wu is Chief Planner of World EXPO Shanghai 2010 and Qingdao World Horticultural Exhibition 2014 and the Chief Planner of the Earthquake Placement Plan in Sichuan as well. Currently Prof. WU is appointed as the chief planner of urban design concept for the sub-center of in Beijing.

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