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Urbanisation in a global scale is unprecedented and are encountering huge challenges. The intelligent urbanisation is one of the most crucial urban development approaches toward sustainable development. iCity Knowledge Service aims to promote intelligent urbanisation in the world by integrating and sharing state-of-art engineering, urbanisation, intelligent city knowledge to the public, practitioners, scholars and experts. The full name of iCity is the Intelligent City Knowledge Service System, which is one of IKCEST (International Engineering Technology Knowledge Center) and is affiliated with UNESCO. iCity focuses on the field of smart city construction, provides data knowledge services for intelligent city-related practitioners in the world, and particularly supports the development of developing world.

World City Observatory

We collect basic data of cities in the world, covering aspects of ecology, culture and life. Users can search cities by name or location, getting data about development situation. Historical data is also available to find out the trend and compare with other cities. Besides, we collect best urban practices in the world to show what a wonderful life can we live in cities.

World Urban Planning Knowledge

It is based on the World Planning School Alliance and provides the latest hotspots in world urban planning knowledge circle, introduces training and education programs in planning science, and integrates digital sources of different planning schools for users’ inquiry.

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