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Smart City, Case Study

Build smart cities with integrated wisdom 03

Course introduction
Practice of smart city -- case study:Through the analysis of Vienna, New York, ningbo, wuhan and other cities at home and abroad different cases of wisdom city construction, put forward foreign wisdom is typical city attaches great importance to the city function and life itself, attaches great importance to the long-term planning, coordination and the government leading and participating system and the attention to vulnerable groups and people's livelihood, focus on energy and the environment.
About instructor

Wang Guangbin

Wang Guangbin: Vice president of school of economics and management of Tongji University, doctoral supervisor, engineering doctor.Long engaged in project management, project management information, and project investment and financing research, teaching and practice.He is also vice chairman of MCIOB (east), MRICS (royal chartered surveyor), CCP (registration fee consultant) and expert member of China BIM standard committee.

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