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Data Analytics and Its Applications in Smart Cities

1. Background

Course introduction
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Cao Buyang

Dr. Buyang Cao is a professor and Ph. D student supervisor at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University. He earned doctor degree in Operations Research. Before he joined Tongji University, he had been with Esri, Inc., the world largest GIS service/product provider, for decades. Dr. Cao led and was involved in multiple national key projects and designing/developing application systems for Fortune 500 enterprises. He possesses multi-year experiences in problem analysis, algorithm design/development, software engineering project management, etc. He was awarded by INFORMS (Institute for Operations and Management Science) due to excellence in applying optimization techniques for solving complicated decision support problems from the real world. Numerous research papers by Dr. Cao appeared in some top-tier international journals. Currently, his research is focusing on applying big data, data analytical, and algorithm development technologies to the problems from Smart City and Logistics arenas.

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