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Big Data and Smart Cities

Big Data and Smart Cities 02

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Pan Qisheng

Qisheng Pan is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University. Dr. Pan received a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2003 and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from USC in 2001. He also held a Master’s degree in Cartography and Remote Sensing and a BS in Geology from Peking University. Dr. Pan's research focuses on multiple aspects of urban planning, including transportation planning, economic impact analysis, and the applications of GIS in urban planning. He has received research grants from Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) to measure access to public transit services and to examine port-related traffic and emissions. He has also studied on the economic impacts of terrorist attacks on Central Business Districts and infrastructures in large metropolitan areas. Recently he received the Natural Resources Imagery Grant from ESRI to utilize SAR imagery technology in pipeline integrity management. Dr. Pan has consulted in multiple research projects from National Science Foundation’s Digital Government Program and Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Pan is serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors (BOD) for the International Association for China Planning (IACP), 2013-2015.

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