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Big Data, Smart City

Urban Big Data Research and Smart City Construction04

Course introduction
How do we build the city of wisdom?To solve the wisdom of the city is to solve the island of information problem.But what we are doing now is building many new islands of information.
About instructor

Zhen Feng

甄峰教授 1996年毕业于西北大学经济地理与城乡规划专业,获学士学位。同年,进入南京大学城市与资源学系攻读人文地理学硕士学位。2001年获南京大学理学博士学位。现为南京大学建筑与城市规划学院教授、博士生导师,江苏省智慧城市设计仿真与可视化技术工程实验室主任。曾参与多项国家级、部级、省级科研项目,发表或参与发表中英文核心以上期刊论文300余篇,其中SCI(E)、SSCI论文30余篇。主要研究方向为大数据应用与城市规划、智慧城市。 In 1996, Prof.Zhen graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in economic geography and urban-rural planning. In the same year, he entered the Department of Urban and Resource Sciences of Nanjing University to pursue a master's degree in human geography. In 2001, he received his Ph.D. degree from Nanjing University. Prof.Zhen is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Nanjing University and the director of the Design and Simulation Technology Laboratory of Smart City in Jiangsu Province. He has participated in many national, ministerial and provincial scientific research projects, and has published or participated in the publication of more than 300 papers in core Chinese and English journals, including more than 30 SCI (E) and SSCI papers. The main research direction is big data application and urban planning, smart city.

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