Living Water Garden
Qian Tianjian   Mar 09.2019


In 1998 in China, the nation's first public art event for the environment — most notably the Living Water Garden. This space is now a renowned public park and employs a natural water filtration system. Through the use of the artistic treatment system of ponds, filters and flowforms, it is possible to witness the process of actually cleaning the water.

Living Water Park is located in Chengdu City Fuhe River, is the world's first city comprehensive environmental education park. From the spring of 1997 to the preliminary completion of the project, the investment reached 30 million yuan. The living water park has been attracting more and more attention from beginning to end. The planning and design of the Living Water Park and the environmental rehabilitation project of the Funan River are an international collaboration organized by the Chengdu Municipal Government and implemented by experts at home and abroad and local departments concerned. The participants include sculptors from the government's Nanhe management department, garden department, construction department, planning department, disaster prevention department and wetland ecology. Besty Damon, an American environmental artist who specializes in water treatment projects, is a landscape designer by Magie Rulldick, who specializes in eco-landscape planning and design projects. This extraordinary cooperation mode is very necessary and beneficial. Environmental issues have crossed the national boundaries and surpassed the professional boundaries. Landscape architects play an important role in bridge construction and will exert greater potentials in the future.

Living Water Garden

Reason to Be Selected

The daily sewage treatment capacity of Living Water Park is 300 tons. It is one of the "green lungs" in Chengdu. It has won many international environmental protection awards. The designer of Living Water Park emphasized that the landscape seemed to be growing there, with "its own life". Living Water Park provides 9 million people with a set of environmental education and leisure as one, ecological environment optimization of the city park. The educational function of the park to protect the ecological environment is ubiquitous. It combines teaching with pleasure and melts into the behavior of tourists to enjoy the scenery, relax and seek the nature.


Close watch of water
Reappearance of local characteristic landscape
Constructed wetland pond bed ecosystem is the core of water treatment project in living water garden


Close watch of water: The central garden sculpture fountains, natural ecological riverbanks, the "Yellow Dragon Colorful Pool" and dozens of natural scenery and aquatic plants, ornamental fish skillfully blend together, set education, ornamental, game as a whole, so that people in the process of approaching nature, into the nature, fully experience the beauty and wonder of nature.
Reappearance of local characteristic landscape: The living water park reappears the natural forest landscape of the Mount Emei scenic spot in Leshan, Sichuan. The forest landscape of mountainous area is moved to the city, and has played a certain ecological protection with the surrounding environment. The micro-regulation of the ecosystem can be said to be both medium-sized and useful.
Constructed wetland pond bed ecosystem is the core of water treatment project in living water garden: It consists of 6 plant ponds and 12 plant beds. Sewage here by precipitation, adsorption, oxidation and reduction, microbial decomposition and other functions, to achieve harmless, as nutrients and water to promote plant growth. In addition, there are dozens of sampling tubes for monitoring the spatio-temporal changes of plants, animals, microorganisms and water quality in the system, which is convenient for sampling and analysis, and provides experimental sites for protecting wetland ecology and species diversity. It has high technology content and research value. The bed of the constructed wetland resembles a piece of fish scale, echoing the overall design of the park.


Living water park's municipal water purification project is a good example of environmental education. The combination of water treatment in the center of the city is rare in the world. The process of ecological water purification stimulates inquisitive people to explore the mysteries of science and natural environment. Sculpture, stream spring and other design elements stimulate aesthetic taste. The most important mission of living water garden is to enhance people's awareness of environmental protection through every design element. Instead of building the natural world, designers are mixing public environmental art with protecting nature.



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